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Bethoo Glass is constantly working on new techniques for processing or modeling glass. Through Innovation and discovery Bethoo Glass is always finding better methods of cutting with sandblasting and water jet.


With glass, anything is possible. ‘Normal' is not good enough for Bethoo Glass. This company is constantly exploring new, spectacular operations and techniques. Not just the standard glass, but Bethoo Glass also provides curved glass, blown glass and glass fuse. The latter is a technique in which various pieces of glass are melted together in a glass furnace. Pieces of glass, in any conceivable form, become a new entities formed with round shapes and colors flowing into each other.


Workmanship top product in glass

Bethoo Glass also makes glass objects with gold or silver leaf. This exclusive material is used for lettering or decoration. It gives a luxurious look, it is original and eye-catching. In consultation with their clients Bethoo Glass finds appropriate and special designs. So they can guarantee you, their clients, a top product made with excellent workmanship. Bethoo Glass takes pride in their workmanship that their clients will enjoy for many years.


Solutions in glass with architects

Because of Bethoo Glass's extensive experience, and high quality standards, they work together with many architects. Bethoo Glass provides advice on the techniques, use of materials and the implementation of glass objects. The materials they use are:

• all types of glass • curved glass • hand blown glass • fused glass • stainless steel • wood• stone • natural aluminum honeycomb


Glass for interior and exterior, various applications of glass, innovative techniques, art glass and glass processing:

                                                                                                                                    Bethoo Glass, the specialist for glass!

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