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Only satisfied customers!

Bethoo Glass wants to meet their client’s high expectations. They are only satisfied when their clients are satisfied. They guarantee you a top quality product, and do everything to meet your needs and expectations. They provide a service to satisfy their client's needs.

Bethoo Glass only has satisfied clients which, with some pride, they would like to introduce.


Please see Bethoo Glass's references below. You are invited to inquire, with the references, about their experience with Bethoo Glass's services and products.


Restaurant Fred

These are windows with a profound sandblasting design with text and LED lights; placed in the Restaurant Fred Rotterdam (this restaurant owns two Michelin stars).




My Serenity

This is a mirrored ceiling with clouds and a starry effect on a 55m yacht from Heesen, the My Serenity.



Castle Zwaneven

This is roof with blue laminated glass placed on the Castle Zwaneven (Belgium).




-   Heesen Yachts

-   Perini yachts with Beekmans

-   Oceanco yachts with Beekmans

-   Feadschip yachts with Beekmans

-   Marieux Interiors

-   Victor Boeren Interiors

-   Verberne Interiors

-   Arsenaal Jan des Bouvrie


-   Studio Makkink en Bey

-   Studio drift

-   Hertroijs architecten

-   Led-e-Lux

-   Beekmans RVS

-   Thijs natuursteen

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