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Objects and interior in glass


Bethoo Glass is a company that makes beautiful objects made ​​of glass, stone and stainless steel. Art glass used in buildings as eye-catching decoration, in the entrance, or as a functional interior element.


Glass is a wonderful material that gives a building or structure depth, light and sheen. There are a lot of possibilities! Bethoo uses glass in a prominent way in the architecture of a room or a building. They don't just use glass for windows. Stairs, art objects or large roof structures can be made ​​entirely of glass too. Glass is not always smooth or straight and architecture glass has become a strong building material. Looking for creative ideas? Glass Bethoo is happy to surprise you with an original proposal in glass!


Custom made solutions

Bethoo Glass makes exclusive glass objects that are rapidly gaining popularity at the higher end of the market. You will find Bethoo Glass in the glamorous world of yachts, top restaurants, luxury villas and estates. Bethoo Glass's innovative and creative ideas are now known to a wide audience. Clients often invite Bethoo Glass to provide an original solution using glass. Customized solutions made ​​by Bethoo!


Founder and owner Bethoo Glass

Berry Thoonen is the founder and owner of Bethoo Glass. He is a passionate and disciplined glass designer who started Bethoo Glass in 1999. Berry is fascinated by glass and its effects on any building. He has the ability to creatively model his ideas in any new glass object or project. Berry isa true artist who encourages and inspires through his multi-faceted production of ideas that he brings to life. His purpose is to perfect his craft in glass art.


On this page Bethoo Glass presents some of his most recent projects...

Bethoo Glass is constantly working on new techniques for processing or...

Bethoo Glass wants to meet their client’s high expectations. They...

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